1.       These Promotional Terms and Conditions apply to Quizir organised by Crosmo B.V. (hereinafter:Crosmo), having its registered office at Zekeringstraat 17, 1014 BM Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2.       The purpose of this campaign is to promote Quizir. It is aimed at individuals, aged 18 or older, who register for the Quizir service during the promotional campaign.

3.       The Promotional Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions of Crosmo apply to every end user and are binding on every end user who participates in a promotional campaign.By participating in one of our promotional Poducts & Prizes, the end user agrees to the General Terms and Conditions and the Promotional Terms and Conditions below.

4.       Employees and family members of Crosmo (and its subsidiaries) as well as anyone involved in the promotional Products & Prizes concerned (including advertisers or producers) are excluded from participation

5.       Each promotional campaign must state the period during which participation may take place. This information can be found on the website under ‘Products & Prizes’.

6. You can win a prize in promotion of the content service. The winner of the campaign concerned will be selected independently from all participants who comply with the game conditions as stipulated herein.

The duration of the campaign and the applicable model for each campaign can be found under ‘Products & Prizes’.

The winner will be contacted by e-mail and/or telephone within seven days of being identified as the winner. No correspondence can be entered into regarding the result and award of the prize. The names of the winners will be published under ‘Products & Prizes’.

7. In order to be eligible as the prize winner, it must be possible to charge the premium costs for messages.

8. You may spend a maximum of £ 99 on the service. Once that maximum has been reached, no further participation in the campaign is possible.

9.     All postage, courier and/or banking charges are payable by the winner.If the prize is worth more than £400, a compulsory tax on games of chance will be levied on the value of the prize.Crosmo will arrange for the deduction and declaration of the tax on games of chance.

10.       All prizes that have been won will be delivered to the end user’s address within 21 days.The end user must provide Crosmo with a valid address for this purpose.In case of a cash prize, the amount will be credited to an account number to be designated by the winner.

11.       Crosmo is not responsible for any patent or latent defects in the prizes or any damage caused during the delivery (dispatch) of the prize.

12.   The organiser of the promotional Poducts & Prizes reserves the right to swap the promotional prize for another one of at least the same value if a promotional campaign has less than 50 participants when its period for participation expires.

13.   If products can no longer be delivered or are no longer in stock, Crosmo reserves the right to offer a cash amount as an alternative or to fully or partially replace each of the prizes.If prizes are replaced by a cash amount, the prize must be of the same or a higher value.The prize must be accepted as offered and cannot be transferred or divided.

14.   The winner gives permission for his or her first name, place of residence and photograph to be used on Crosmo’s websites for promotional purposes.

15. The winner selection is supervised by an accredited notary.

16. Competitions with the same prize can be advertised through Landing pages which might show variations in terms of design (colour / look & feel).

17. The same campaign with the same prize can be advertised through the internet on different terminals like computer, mobile telephone, tablets etc.

18. To qualify for the right to win the prize, the End-user must have accumulated at least 5000 points. The mimimum number of participants should be 100.

19.   Crosmo may adapt or amend these Promotional Terms and Conditions (including the General Terms and Conditions) at any time.We therefore advise that you consult the Promotional Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.

20. Crosmo reserves the right – at its own discretion and without prior notice – to amend the Promotional Terms and Conditions or to end, suspend or alter the promotional campaign, including but not limited to situations in which there are faults in the software and/or hardware and for other technical and/or legal reasons.The content of the Promotional Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions is subject to typing errors and interpretation.

21.   Crosmo B.V. has its registered office in Amsterdam and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 34259486, VAT no.817234676B01. Please send all correspondence concerning the Content Services or these Promotional Terms and Conditions to Crosmo B.V., P.O. Box 14852 , 1001 LJ Amsterdam, e-mail address [email protected] or report matters by telephone on 02033181627 (toll free, excluding the costs for the use of your mobile phone)