How can I participate in Quizir?
If you come across one of the Quizir-promotions on the internet, you fill in your mobile number on the landingpage. After you have opted-in you will receive a message containing the first content.
Via free entry method: You can also receive the content free of charge by sending an email with your details (name, address, e-mail address, phone number, prize etc.) to the following addres: [email protected] You can only use this free entry method for one time.

How much is it to participate?
Shortcode 85588
The minimum costs to particpate are £ 3.00. For every message sent and received you will pay £ 1.50. By each question answered (chargeable at £ 1.50 sent), you will receive a message charged at £ 1.50. per text message received. Please note that for all messages sent the standard text tariff may apply. These tariffs can differ per operator. Please contact your operator for more information on the charges imposed by them.

Is Quizir a subscription service?
Quizir is NOT a subscription service. You decide how much you play. If you stop answering you will not receive any more messages.

Can I win prizes with Quizir?
Quizir is a place to test you knowledge with trivia games, puzzles etc. .
We do offer promotional prizes for specific Products & Prizes. The winner is selected from all participants. See ‘Promotional Conditions’ and/or ‘Promotions’ for more information.
If you cannot find the answer to your question, send us an e-mail with your question to [email protected]
We shall then answer you as soon as possible.